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HBF2014 Welcome & Program Guide

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GLOBAL I AAM: Expanding Self Expression through the Arts

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have enjoyed the journey and joy of presenting to audiences literature, authors, and dynamic discussion showcasing the profound artistry of the African Diaspora. Under the banner of community literacy, we have equally enjoyed bringing you world-renowned writers and thinkers like Sonia Sanchez, Maya Angelou, and Cornel West. All of this against a backdrop of book exhibitors and authors from all genres, from across the country and around the world. The Harlem Book Fair has literally brought literacy to life every year in magical way that has transcended boundaries. HBF UALF90 Banner
With that done, there is yet more to do.  Ensuring our legacy means embracing the world in which we live - a world that is technologically driven and where everyone is connected by the touch of a button. Our expanded focus will reflect where letters, the arts and culture intersect and blend, creating a more fully-expressed experience of Black contribution to world culture. It is abundantly clear that books can neither be separated from the music to which we listen, nor from the sway of our hips or the swag of our walk, nor from the appreciation of a great piece of art.  We appreciate books as integrally connected to a lifestyle that exudes flavor, intellect and creativity.  It is who we are and this is what we celebrate at the 2014 Harlem Book Fair and the newly-launched HBF Urban Arts and Literary Festival...a festival within a festival.

Our full program of events will be posted during the first week of June.

As we lean into our digitized and fully connected world, we look forward to our new platform marrying books and reading with arts and culture.
Please join us.

Max Rodriguez, Publisher & Founder
QBR/The Black Book Review
Harlem Book Fair



Please download the attached pdf.
The optional tent rental application is found on the final page of the application. You will receive an email confirmation immediately upon our processing of your request. Thank you!

We'll see you in July!
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