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The Harlem Book Fair presents a partnership of Harlem Stage, Columbia University School of the Arts, and New York Live Arts, April 2014 – June 2015.
A consortium of cultural organizations throughout New York City have united to declare 2014-15 The Year of James Baldwin on what would have been the great American essayist, novelist, playwright, poet, and activist James Baldwin’s (1924-1987) 90th year. The principal conveners of this multidisciplinary festival are Harlem Stage, Columbia University School of the Arts, and New York Live Arts . Other collaborators include The New School’s Vera List Center for Art and Politics and the School of Writing, New York University, The Poetry Society of America, The James Baldwin School and The National Black Theater.

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ebbie Doesn’t Do It Any More

Walter Mosley
Doubleday, 272 pp.
978-0-385-52618-0, $25.95
978-0-385-53839-8, $12.99 (ebook)


Mosley’s Latest Explores the Price of the Trade.
Review by Paris Hall

Famed porn queen, Debbie Dare, has experienced every possible kind of sex play in her thirty years in the business. Nothing, however, prepared her for the thunderous and wholly unwanted on-camera orgasm she experienced as she positioned herself for the film’s ‘money shot’ – the climax re-played over and again on home screens around the world.

Screen sex was a living and a paycheck; she had long ago disconnected body from emotion. Yet, the unexpected orgasm triggered a flood of remorse and repressions that shows her to be another of those strong yet vulnerable characters Mr. Mosley so expertly explores. Behind the world-recognized waist-length platinum hair, richly dark skin, deep blue contact lenses, and signature white facial tattoo was a woman now keenly aware and no longer willing to
be screwed, directed, positioned, or anyone.
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The Daily Lead

America Lacks Multicultural Literature
by Tejas Desai

The absurdly low percentage of multicultural literature published by the major publishing industry is a topic which has been addressed before, and more recently in an Op-Ed in the New York Times by Christopher Myers. But given the current state of the American literary landscape, let us look more deeply into the state of multicultural literature itself. Read more....

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