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Chloe and Her Two Red Shoes

Shanequa Davis; Illustrations by Barbara Mason Rast
Treehouse Books
Unpaged pages
ISBN-13: 978-0989953108
Reviewed by Monique Dorrance

Hand Me Down Love.

Chloe loves her hand-me-down clothes. She is the youngest of six and almost all of her clothes have been already worn by her elder siblings. When she discovers a wooden trunk tucked away in the back of Mama's closet, a whole new world family history opens to her. She is happy but they are still hand-me-downs and Chloe remains wistful for something of her own. What little girl wouldn't be happy with brand new, never-ever-worn-by-anyone-else clothes? Her dreams come true when Mama takes her to buy her very own pair of shiny red shoes!
Chloe and Her Two Red Shoes is wonderfully arted by Barbara Mason Rast. The illustrations, colors and hues impart a wonderful warmth and emotional vitality to Chloe's story.

The book, itself, is beautifully designed. Rast's luminous art is visually balanced by easily readable text on patterned beige paper. If the book is lacking in anything, it is in more information on the illustrator and her arting style.    

Chloe is recommended for young readers, ages 4 - 8, and all libraries.

Monique Dorrance is a retired librarian.

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