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If Only For Tonight

Sherelle Green
Harlequin Kimani
217 pages
Reviewed by Robin Ramsey-Dunn

In If Only For Tonight, Sherelle Green writes a captivating novel about romance between a member of law enforcement and a successful business woman. This novel develops the romance amidst a very interesting mystery.

Shawn Miles was a deeply committed to the FBI and had no time for romance until he met the woman of his dreams, Cydney Rayne.  After a one night stand in Anguilla, he was drawn to this stranger; no other woman had ever made him feel this way. Cydney Rayne, likewise, felt emotions she had never felt with any other man. Both of them wanted more than just one night, but were convinced that they would never see each other again.   Cydney got the surprise of her life when this mysterious stranger crossed paths with her at her sister’s wedding. Shawn was overjoyed to find Cydney again but was dismayed to find her in the middle of a covert, dangerous operation for the FBI.  Even as romance blossomed between Shawn and Cydney, Shawn never imagined that the woman he was growing to love would be put in danger while he was solving a mystery to which Cydney was integral. Keeping Cydney safe became a priority until the end, when the mystery was solved.

The flow of the novel was masterfully done by this author. A budding romance with a backdrop of mystery gave intensity to the plot. She also did a good job of showing the challenge a consuming career could be against being happy and having a special person in one’s life. The hardship and pleasure of such a romantic relationship is explored in great detail.

The description of the characters was vivid. The main characters, Shawn and Cydney, were very lifelike, as were Shawn’s fellow FBI agents. It was easy to feel their emotions because of the author’s graphic descriptions. The other supporting characters, and their roles in the novel, were adequately represented and added to the plot in a positive way. The chapters followed each other well, and always alluded to the span of time that had passed. The subplot of the FBI investigation was enjoyable, but this reviewer would have liked to see the romance between Shawn and Cydney develop more. The mystery seemed to overshadow the romance at times, which went against the premise of If Only For Tonight being a romance novel. Still, Green writes with a passion that makes this reviewer look forward to reading more novels written by her.

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