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Delilah's Daughters

Angela Benson
William Morrow
368 pages
Reviewed by Sydni Williams

TAGS: Angela Benson, William Morrow, gospel music, Christianity

Angela Benson is the author of Delilah’s Daughters, an inspirational fiction book. She has also written Sins of the Father, The Amen Sisters, and Up Pops The Devil. She graduated Spelman College and is also a professor at the University of Alabama.

Veronica, Alisha, and Roxanne are sisters who have garnered fame with their gospel-pop band, Delilah’s Daughters. Their mother, Delilah, has encouraged the girls to sing together ever since the death of their father years ago. The girls have very different personalities, which present challenges. Alisha is a shy, introverted person. She isn’t quite sure what she wants to do with her life beyond Delilah’s Daughter. She is tested many times throughout the story. Veronica is the diva of the group, and eventually has to choose what’s best for her or what’s best for her family.  Roxanne is more outgoing than Alisha, but not as much as Veronica. She’s very secretive and has a lot of drama going on in her life.

Delilah’s Daughters is a well-written book. It gives an inspirational message without coming across as preaching or lecturing. The storyline is one that readers can either connect to, relate with, or at least enjoy. The message in this story is to trust God in all things. This family has some very low points where it seems that all hope is lost, but God shows them that He has a path for them.

Angela Benson made this book excellent in many ways, but the one that will keep a reader hooked is the subtle hints about the family’s dark secrets. This is a common technique that many authors use, but few actually master the technique. This is the one of those books that keep you up at night racing through the pages, trying to figure out what the secret is. Plus, after you find out about this secret, you don’t want to put the book down. Another reason Delilah’s Daughters is great is because even though this book is “inspirational,” it is is a book religious and non-religious people would enjoy about a family and their struggles.

Delilah’s Daughter’s is a recommended book because even though it’s supposed in the inspirational category, it ventures out of that category. This is a religiously written, drama-packed, African American-styled book of wonders. Read Delilah’s Daughters, and  take a leap of faith.


Sydni Williams is a middle-school student in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She enjoys reading.

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