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Melting The Blues

Tracy Chiles McGhee
Gold Fern Press
270 pages

Set in Arkansas in 1957,  the complexities of identity, yearnings for love and acceptance, and racial tension are all unmasked in the riveting literary drama, Melting the Blues, by debut author Tracy Chiles McGhee. Augustus Lee Rivers, a farmer and bluesman, has two obsessions:  his relationship with the Duncan family and his desire to leave small town Chinaberry to become a musician in Chicago. When his plans are prevented by a devastating betrayal, Augustus is driven into the belly of the blues where he must reckon with his past if he is to move forward. This intriguing, multi-layered historical tale beckons readers down a red dirt country road to bear witness to an unforgettable time, place, and people.

              "A brave, musical story rich with Southern history." –

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Comment by: Donna M Smith
A riveting story, filled with imagery, language, emotion, and suspense. I needed to know what happens in the end, because the beginning sets it up well.
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