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Blackness the Life and Times of an Unpopular People

Dr. T. Nicole Shockley
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
156 pages

A terrible tragedy has befallen the African American and it appears to play out in different ways over generations. A cyclic tale of disparate living conditions, disparate legal standards, ill health, broken families, under appreciation and devaluation of the worth of the African American. This book helps to uncover many root causes for the present day status and condition of African Americans. The author of this text goes on a fact finding mission to expose little known truths that impact the African American population. This book is raw and somewhat unsettling but it reveals truths that need to be told.

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Comment by: James Rice
This book is wonderful, especially if someone really wants to fully understand the background behind the present day status of blacks.It is also helps you to look at yourself in ways that might be uncomfortable.

Black wavey line
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