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Erika J. Kendrick
Random House
293pp pages
Reviewed by QBR Reviewer

And the world is right again…

Erika J. Kendrick returns with Appetite, the follow-up to her debut novel Confessions of a Rookie Cheerleeder.

Kennedy Lee, a rising star in the reality TV and soap opera worlds, has landed a huge role on the popular daytime drama America’s Next Sweetheart. As this news coincides with Kennedy’s birthday, her friends take her out for a wild night on the town. So wild, in fact, that the next morning Kennedy wakes up with a hard-bodied hunk in her bed, a vicious headache, and no recollection of how this gorgeous guy ended up beside her – naked--and ended her five-year celibacy streak. Not only that, but it’s her first day at the new gig, and Page Six has already chronicled her previous night’s exploits, calling her “America’s Next Lush.”

Tand twin sisters Brittany and Kennedy, . 

Where Confessions was playful and entertaining, Appetite is by far the more nuanced and emotionally engaging.  Kennedy's situation careens from drama to drama as she becomes involved with her executive producer, Sam Cohen, before returning to Cole Winters, who made an appearance in Confessions. This allows for examination of the antics of Brittany, Kennedy's emotionally disconnected, oversexed, hyperactive twin sister. Brittany has some secrets of her own, and longs to make peace with her past. The third member of the trio, Hannah, is in love with Max Knight, Cole's professional football teammate, although the reverse does not seem to hold true.

From here, the book descends into sterotypes and cliches that detract from the story. The ending is a time-worn admonition on the ills of money, power , and stability over love, and how white always trumps black. Appetite is very similar to most of the books on the market that glorify a celebrity lifestyle, and fans of such books are sure to enjoy Appetite.

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