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Rice and Peas For The Soul 1:A collection of 150 Motivational, Inspirational and Moral Stories To make You Think, Reflect and Wonder

Delroy Constantine-Simms
Think Doctor Publications
266 pages

Rice and Peas for the Soul; is an edited collection of more than 150 thought provoking, motivational, inspirational empowering stories of hope, faith and courage. These story based ingredients have been selected due to their positive underlying messages, which encourage readers to think, reflect and wonder about life in general. Rice and Peas for the Soul will be one of many books produced by Think Doctor Publications, who's company policy is to adopt a strictly uplifting, empowering and positive focus by way of using known and contemporary stories which convey the message, that no matter how hard life gets, never lose faith or hope. Recognize that love, happiness, success and the support of positive people manifests itself in so many obvious and unexpected guises. This reassuring book also encourages readers to see light of forgiveness as oppose to darkness revenge, by offering prayer for those who are more interested in hiding your light as opposed to allowing your true potential to shine. Let me also remind you that this entrée book is just an appetizer, before the main series of books are served. Rest assured the editorial team of cooks recognise that the customer is always right and has every intention of carefully selecting the best ingredients for future editions of this book. I can assure you that the wait will be worthwhile. In the meantime, relax and enjoy your copy of Rice and Peas! D. Constantine-Simms If you would like to contribute to the Rice and Peas menu of books.

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Comment by: Maureen Fuller

When I first came across this book, the front cover and the title gave me the impression that Rice and Peas for the Soul was a Caribbean cook book. On closer inspection I soon realised that I was so wrong! Having read the first serving of RICE AND PEAS FOR THE SOUL, I have to say that I am very impressed with this book which is an excellent collection of more than 150 thought provoking, uplifting motivational, inspirational and moral stories, that embrace humanity in conjunction the narrative of determination, hope and success.

The main attraction of this book is the tender manner in which the tenderly traverses through life and personal development issues we all face, such as confidence, self-esteem, loss, betrayal by using a combination of real and metaphorical stories that deliver positive messages of hope and success, without using the well know fear element to stimulate motivate and act on our goals, without feeling that one is a failure and hence deserves the negative cards that some readers may feel they own as a consequence of their own action. As a rule, I avoid such books, unless it has the word, Bible, Quoran or Torah as the title.

I am so pleased that I set aside my usual biases to such books, and yes, I really happy that Rice and Peas for the Soul book has such a very positive and refreshing approach. As a consequence of that point alone, I certainly have every intention of recommending this awe inspiring and very positive book to potential and future reader as one to purchase, read, and most importantly purchase and SHARE.

Enjoy the read; I am off to the Think Doctor Publications kitchen to order a second serving of this book series RICE AND PEAS FOR THE SOUL! Not just for myself but for friends and family. Most importantly, the next time I organize a book club, rest assured “Rice and Peas for the Soul will be on the must have books to read and share book list.

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